Tuesday, 29 March 2016

1. A New Adventure

Hello and welcome to our Blog!
Some of you would know us from our previous blog nomoreregretsbybike.blogspot.com.au and others will be joining us afresh. We are about to embark on another 'adventure' and welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with anyone who wants to come along!

Just briefly we are Dave and Beryl - not old enough or rich enough to retire yet but have decided that life is too precious to spend it making enough money to retire on only to fall off the perch before you get the chance to spend it, or your health prevents you.  We prefer to adventure and explore while we can - the reason for this trip.

The trip will be covering quite a bit of Australia, we have decided to traverse some of the more 'off road' tracks with our camper and 4WD. It will be a no frills journey, on a budget but with no lack of excitement I'm sure.  We have just returned from a short trip to NSW Clarence River area where we spent our time with Goannas, Snakes and Cows, not to mention seeing Rock Wallabies and a Black Kangaroo and that was at just  2 camp spots!

This guy had quite a few mates that also joined us, They decided the shade under the trailer was good for a nap.
and this guy thought the toilet roll holders was the perfect place to keep cool. Luckily there was more than one toilet so I left him to it!!
One of these cows actually lay down and scratched her face on our guy ropes! They were pretty docile and rather inquisitive.
This was a great way to wake up - clouds over the tree tops 
and looking out over the river

We are back on the coast again for a couple of weeks for family commitments and a few more modifications to the truck and trailer, including new tyres and a few additions that will help along the way and then it will be off adventuring. I will try to add to the blog when internet, time and good stories permit so keep tuned for more!


  1. Please let me know where you're going to be - I might be able to join you for a couple of days (no heels I promise) - you both ROCK....love you heaps
    stay SAFE

  2. Will email you with details of where we are
    Beryl and Dave