Friday, 20 May 2016


We finally made it to the top end!  Well to the beginning of the top end.  There were times when we weren't sure if we could make it, especially after one disaster - Dave broke the stand off his wine glass in Marree!!!! And we couldn't buy another in Coober Pedy - so where needs must, ingenuity wins out!!!
As we have spent many hours in the car over the last couple of months, I just thought I would share our secret of happy travelling with you all.
Yep, Snakes!!
Back to the road.....not expecting the terrain in the centre to be so mountainous, we were very suprised with all the mountain ranges leading up to and surrounding Alice Springs.  It was a really welcoming place!
We based ourselves there for some days while we went exploring round the area.  We spent some time in the East McDonnell Ranges, 

At a place called Emily Gap, we found some rock art representing the 3 caterpillars, love that there is always information to explain the meaning and history behind all these places.
We hiked around Coroboree Rock 
and it was so interesting to see it from all sides - not as big as we thought and just like a wall of rock.  It amazes us that so often we are the only people around when we stop to look at so many things!

There was also this unusual roadside memorial with a plaque, and right next to it was a burn out pad!!

In Alice we spent a morning in the Transport Museum. I wasn't sure how interesting it would be but it was great.  From the newest Kenworth to the oldest, Vehicles from movies - mad max and the cab from Last cab to Darwin! and even a bar..
I even found one for me.
And I think this would be a good fixer upper for Dave....

Next it's on to the West McDonnell Ranges!  Never a dull moment!!!

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