Thursday, 26 May 2016


Next stop on our journey took us to the West McDonnell Ranges.  They are pretty vast and there are so many places to go and see. The first stop, not far from Alice was Simpsons Gap.
Thought this sign was a bit ironic as it would be pretty difficult to swim....
In a river ....of sand!!!

But there was wildlife here.

A little further along was a place where you were allowed to swim- and there was even water there. 

And even if there is nothing on the ground to see, there's always the sky......

Our last night in the West McDonnell Ranges was spent at a camp beside the Finke River.  We had a lovely night being serenaded by a guy playing his guitar and singing nearby.  Found out next morning that he was practicing some stuff for a new recording and we bought one of his CD's.  His name is Barry Skipsy.  And with this view as the sun went down, life was pretty good!

Then it was on towards King's canyon via the Mereenie loop, a 4WD road full of corrugations and dust!  but at least we left that behind!

We had a great camp on the top of a rise overlooking King's canyon and you really don't expect to see roads like this after all the dust.
As there are any number of excellent photos of King's Canyon available, I have decided to just add some of a different variety on here. I love rocks and these layers and layers of slate are fascinating.
Its almost ethereal walking through places like this - UNTIL - you see something like this! 
Who let's their children do this?
And another sad reflection on some people....
Band Aids for Trees!!
Leaving Kings Canyon we tried to find a bush camp that was on the internet but after towing the trailer down a dirt/sand track for several km's and over several sand dunes and no sign of a camp we decided to hell with the cost - we'll go to Yalara!
It wasn't a bad camp site and there was even grass in some areas for the tent dwellers!
As soon as we set up camp we went to see what all the talk is about...
Well there it is - and it's Big!
There are designated viewing areas all around the rock, some for sunset and sunrise viewing but we called in during the day as well.  Check out the unique furniture in the viewing bays....
and there were things we discovered that we were previously unaware of:

Cave Paintings..
faces in the rock!
And even though there are numerous signs requesting that people have respect and not climb the rock, there are still those that have to do it!
We never felt the need to climb the rock, still working out if it was due to respect or sheer bloody laziness!  Its quite a haul!
And of course one of the highlights is to watch the sunset over the rock so Dave was prepared and didn't have to worry about the hoards of tourists getting into his shots!

And he was right - there were hundreds there about half an hour later!
The next day it was on to the Olgas or Kata Tjuta to use its original name.
They were equally if not more impressive than Uluru.  And HUGE!!

So Big that we really could not get a shot that represents the majesty of Kata Tjuta!
We were able to explore many areas as they were a lot more accessible and although there were people there, most of the time we were out of sight of others.
Still can't make up my mind which I liked best.
even found some developing frogs in the rock pools!
Then it was time to head back to Alice Springs - to the rain!
So this time we set up the whole camper, complete with the extended awning and all the walls..
Heaps of dry space inside, But we have to dry out before we continue our travels.......

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