Saturday, 4 June 2016


Our wonderful week in Darwin finally came to a close but a huge thanks to our friends for their hospitality.  Soon it was time to head South again and onto the dirt:
But it was pretty good for a dirt road and we were soon reaching our next destination.
The campground we stayed at was Wangi Falls - a top spot!  While we were there we decided to do the hike up to the top of the falls.

This was taken at the little viewing platform at the base of the falls, at the swimming hole
We started hiking up, and up and up to the top of the cliff.  Could see for miles and we found the river that feeds the falls
It was a beautiful spot and so peaceful.  Another occasion where we did the whole hike without seeing another person.  We were pretty happy to arrive back at the bottom again,
And that water looks so inviting!!  It took about 2 mins to get changed and go swimming. Then we noticed these:
Freshies live here???   Oh well they will have to put up with us swimming!  There were heaps of people swimming there so If there are crocs I would be suprised!
From here we headed back to Katherine to restock and get our batteries checked out before heading for the Kimberleys.  While there we took a drive out to Katherine Gorge and found some locals in the trees
There were thousands of them here, all fluttering their wings trying to keep cool.  Dave and I decided to hike up to the top lookout ( must have had a touch of the heat I think)  So off we went....
Dave took the lead, which is always fine with me as he can scare away any nasties that might be on the track!
It was a fairly energetic climb and at one stage the rocks formed a tunnel of sorts
But it always seemed like we had more to climb
I am not the greatest lover of heights but I'm ok - until I come around a corner and see Dave out on a ledge - for a picture, or just to take in the sights!  My heart skipped many beats this day!
But we did finally make it to the top and the view was worth it.  Hard to show in pictures....
But it was worth the climb!
Now its back on the road heading Westwards and I think i can see where our next stop will be...
Timber Creek - here we come!

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