Friday, 10 June 2016


After a wonderful time exploring the Northern Territory, we finally arrived in Western Australia and as usual had to pass through the border...

Only on this border you also have to hand over any fruit, vegetables and honey!!  Luckily we were pre-warned and I had used all our bananas and honey making pikelets a few days earlier. We did donate some spuds and onions though!!

As always I like to tke note of the animal signs and wonder what international travellers must think of them.  One German man asked us what "caution wandering stock" meant - he looked very worried about it.  Not sure what he would think about spending the next 45 K's with these beasts!

and that's while keeping an eye out for these other beasts.

We headed off the main road down to Lake Argyle - not a place I'd really heard much about but its very interesting - and huge!

There seems to be only a few public access points to the lake so it makes it hard to appreciate the sheer size. I guess a flight over would be the go, but as we haven't as yet won lotto, we had to give that one a big flick pass.  Also the offer to go hand line fishing for catfish - they call them 'silver cobbler' up here.
Only $140 a head!   Even if we had won lotto I think Dave would have declined the offer.

There were all sorts of boats out there from commercial fishing to luxury cats, a really lovely place.

We made our way from here to Kununurra.  Its a really pretty town and where we have taken a few days to prepare for our trip through the Kimberleys.  Got the Truck serviced, Stocked up on beer, wine and cider - essentials in this heat!!  And checked out the local rum distillery, sandalwood farm, local markets, lakes, boat ramps and the local lookout, where we found a cool tree - like a natural bonsai.

Just out of Kununurra there is a place that most 4wder's go.  Its pretty well known.

We joined lots of others on the banks of the river waiting for someone to take the plunge.

I was very nervous even watching this guy go through and I cant say I was very supporting when Dave said "are you ready?"  NO!   But with a little persuasion we took the plunge - so to speak!

This was half way through, taking pics with one hand while filming with the other.  There was also another surprise as there was another one just around the bend, a little shorter, but a bit rougher. North of Kununurra is Wyndham, probably the most Northerly point we will reach on this trip. So we had to take a drive up there. On the way we saw this place:

The Grotto.  Looks interesting, must go and check it out.

Looks like a big hole.

Yep - it's a big hole!

At the moment, all there is at the bottom is a pool of still water, but I can imagine in the wet it is probably quite impressive.  This is where the water would be flowing. Right where we are taking the pic.

As we got back on the road we saw this strange sight!

Travelling on bicycles - must be crazy!! Wait up! We did that 4 years ago  ( see our other blog)

As we entered Wyndham we were happy to see this sign.

One less thing to worry about.  What with the heat, crocodile warnings, restrictions on the purchase of alcohol, we don' t need bad weather as well!  Speaking of crocs......

Hope this is not indicative of the size of them up here.  They do breed some things pretty big here though and i will leave you with the "biggest Boab in Captivity" That's Dave standing beside it!

Next we are off to tackle the Gibb River Road so might be a while before the next installment - no technology in that part of the world!  Till then.........

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