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There were so many places that we really enjoyed along the Gibb that I couldn't possibly put them all on one blog so I am taking this time to include mainly Dave's photography, which is much better than mine, of some of our favourites.

A big drawcard along here is to travel up to the Mitchell River Falls, or Punamii- Umpunu.  We camped in the National Park and then hiked out to the falls. There is usually some sort of guide to indicate what the track is like.

And we had the Wanjina's to help show us the trail.

Sometimes it was very pleasant.

but a lot of the trail was pretty challenging.

and these were the easier parts!!  Bit hard to take pics while climbing up bloody great boulders!
But we did manage to see some great things along the way.

This guy had a really cheeky face and when he took off he had beautiful bright red markings on his tail. There were quite a few and looked spectacular.

Finally reached the top of the falls and Dave took about 2 mins to get into the water.  It was freezing cold and I decided not to go in.  Not clever in hindsight.
We then went across the top and around the corner to be confronted with this!

Just magnificent, and as we climbed all around the top of the cliffs we got so many different views

It really was well worth the hike.  A lot of  people choose to chopper out from here but we decided to hike.  I really should have had that swim as I ended up with heat stroke and was very very happy to fall into the cold water when we finally got back to Little Merton.  Won't make that mistake again!!

On the way back to the Kalumburu road we stopped at a couple of sites where you can see Aboriginal Art.  It was like an open air art gallery, round another corner and another rock painting,  Its hard to believe they have been here for 100's of years.

This was yet another place that we had to ourselves for almost the whole time.  And nothing is done for you, you have to search for yourself to find it.  Only one small area was indicated by a pathway and this was the painting it led to.

Another of our favourites was Galvin's Gorge.  Dave went for a swim here and found a snake curled up on a ledge on the far side of the pool.

There are so many Gorges that you can visit that sometimes it's hard to remember where you actually are.   Think this was Adcock's Gorge?

But I think Dave and I agree that our favourite was Bell's Gorge.  When you arrive after only a half hour hike you reach the natural infinity pool at the top of the falls.  We both went for a swim here.

And then headed up the cliffs on the left of the picture and then down to the bottom to look at the top pool from a different perspective.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We spent quite a while swimming here, and Dave and a mate went further downstream exploring as well, but unfortunately without the camera.

Another favourite was Winjana Gorge in Winjana National Park.  It looks pretty unassuming from the entrance to the gorge. 

But when you get inside it opens up to a beautiful big private beach with a river running through.  Don't think we'll be swimming here though - must have seen about 20 or 30 Freshwater Crocs at least in the water.

It was late afternoon so some of the pics are a bit dark but others are great in the dying light.

Our last stop before getting back on the bitumen was a place called Tunnel Creek.  I had never heard of it before but we had been assured it was a must see place!

There was some information on boards in the parking lot, but once down the pathway it was find your own way??  Looks like a bit more rock climbing to do!

But once past these we found the entrance to the underwater cave.  The really black part at the back is where we have to head. and through that water.  Wonder what is in it?

We saw fish, a little crayfish thing, and a freshwater croc by the time we were half way through, oh! and a bat.  There was a section of the tunnell which had collapsed at some time which gave us some respite from the dark.

Then it was back into the dark.  We were checking out the stalagmites and looking for bats when Dave noticed this in the darkness up ahead.

Bit hard to see in the flash from the camera, but even harder to see in the dark!  He would have been nearly 2 metres long!  Luckily just a freshie and he didn't seem to want to bother us.  We just passed him by and kept heading to the other end.

Apparently This place was a favourite hideaway for a famous aboriginal criminal back in the 1800's
Not a bad place to while away the time.
Then it was back through the cave, the croc was no longer on the sand so was probably in the water we had to wade through.  Then back to the entrance again.

It was a really pretty place and when you look at it from the outside you wonder how anyone would have found it in the first place.

So it was back to the bitumen and on to Derby where we are planning another exciting little side trip, but first we will just enjoy the night sky up here.

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