Sunday, 31 July 2016


One of our favourite trees grows up here in the North so I thought I'd start this Blog with a picture.
A Boab of course.
Quite a few cafe's and roadhouses like to claim they are famous for something. At Roeburne roadhouse, just out to Broome they claim fame for their Home Made Sausage Rolls so we had to try one.
It was definately the biggest sausage roll we have had, and the first time we have ever shared one.
From here we moved on to Broome, and headed for the ocean and the jetty.

But we couldn't walk along the jetty as it was closed for repairs.
From here we checked out the famous Cable beach.

A lot like Surfers Paradise, Sand sea and People!

We set up camp at a farm on the outskirts of Broome and from here had our own road down to Cable Beach.

It was a bit rougher but well worth the effort when we came out here.

All to ourselves, Beautiful smooth white sand, blue sea and clear skies.....this way

Rocks and the odd beachcomber the other.
After spending a few days here we decided to head for Cape Leveque. This meant we were back in the dust!
but as it is only dirt for part of the way it also meant stopping to air up for the bitumen.

We arrived at Gambannon and decided to get a few chores done.

Travelling in the red dust means there's always washing to do.
As we were camping on traditional owners land we were lucky enough to have one of the native fish traps just below the camp.

This picture was taken about mid tide. At high tide all the rocks are covered, but at low tide, the locals can just walk down and pick up the fish trapped by the low water level.
We went up to the community at One Arm Point and went out to see the hatchery and its rugged coastline.

And on the way back came across this sign.

I can't quite get my tongue around the traditional words though.
While on Cape Leveque we also visited a Pearl Farm with its technology...old

and new.

Then it was back to camp to enjoy our last Cape Leveque sunset before we head off for more adventures.

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