Saturday, 13 August 2016


Although we have made so many friends along the way, some we will be calling in to see as we travel, but we normally travel alone.  Not so for this leg of our journey.  We started travelling with another couple as we were all going the same way and it was great to have company for a while and to share the experience that is Karijini!  An amazing place.

I won't go through all the walks we did and the gorges we traversed, needless to say we have hiked more on this trip than ever before. and some of the pathways were unusual.

And around every corner we seemed to come across something pretty spectacular.

We stayed at Dale's camp ground and were lucky enough to get adjoining sites, especially as half an hour later they were turning people away - full up!  We seemed to spend most of our time hiking so a break was always welcome.

The natural beauty was sometimes in competition with some budding sculptors!  Saw lots of these on our travels.

and the pathways were always interesting, leaving you guessing as to what lay beyond.

then it was all worth the effort.

There are so many incredible areas here - just google Karijini for more information - its well worth the travelling to get here.  We really enjoyed every minute - can't you tell?

The walks are classified from 1 - 5,  5 being the most difficult and comes with warnings.  I am very proud to say that we conquered them all and came back smiling.
Some bits were uncomfortable.....

Wading through icy cold water with my boots strung around my neck.
And checking out where we still have to go.....

We had to traverse the cliff on the right, then further on spider walk between two cliff faces while the water rushed down below us.  No pics as Dave was pointing out a few foot holds while climbing himself.
But after that it was time for a laugh.

This was taken just as we stopped spider walking and were able to go sideways with support from the opposite cliff face.  Of course some of us had no problems at all???

There were unusual signs.

At first I thought it was warning of a giant Crocodile - haha  but its for falling rocks.  Any wonder when you see what holds some of them up.

One ranger told us that formations like this take a beating from the public - trying to break away the support.  Madness!!!  He said they don't even do helicopter rescues here as the risk of rock falls is just too great. But you do wonder how it could erode away like this.
There were some random beautiful rocks.

and we met up with this inquisitive little character.

All too soon it was time to move on from Karijini, our favourite of the National parks so far, even over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.
Then it was on to big mining country at Paraburdoo.

For some shopping and necessary household duties - washing and a good hot shower.
Then back to our favourite thing.

Bush camping, away from the crowds, free to do as we please and the night time sky is awsome!
Might just hang here a few more days.........

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