Sunday, 28 August 2016


Heading back to the coast after traipsing around Karijini, we headed for Exmouth and Cape Range National Park, but before we get there- there's some barren country to pass through

Then at last we arrived.

  More gorges to explore.......and always enjoy just sitting and enjoying the serenity.

And as always in these National Parks, the scenery is amazing.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the sunset over the showers and dunnies (although very rustic) was pretty nice.

Back at the Lighthouse on the point there were some great signs.

In the park where we were staying we found a few birds that had line tangled all around their feet. and then this little guy came along and we couldn't believe that he didn't have any feet!

His name was obviously 'Stumpy" and apparently a camper cut his legs off years ago as they were so mangled by fishing line.  He doesn't seem to mind and get around pretty well.
After Cape Range we headed off to Kalbarrie where we came across another bird.

Not sure what sort of gull this is - have to look him up.
The coastline along here was pretty rugged.

then it was down to the peace and calm waters of Pt Gregory

and just nearby was a pink lake!!

West Australia is famous for it's wild flowers, some of the beach ones were pretty nice.

and some were very delicate......

I must be going soft...but I'm really liking finding these - might go look for some more of these famous flowers.....

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