Monday, 5 September 2016


We are now heading down the coast, unfortunately into the colder weather, but we do have to get a wriggle on to get everything done before we get home.
Its hard to think about home and work though when characters like this are living just above your head at camp.

He was at one of the station camps that we stayed in. They have all been different in their own way. This one even had a hot spring bath, and a gathering area with a difference.  Check out the bar.

and Dave found the perfect log near our site - and just had to try it out.

There were lots of hollow branches on these trees, a lot taken by birds but I was fascinated when i saw these caterpillars filling the hollow in one tree - there were just so many....

And every station seems to have its own way of providing amenities blocks.  This was our rustic bathroom here.

Each half of the water tank holds a shower and a flushing toilet.  I guess ensuite!
Then it was time to head back again to the coast.

I think this was the last day of good weather as it changed!!

To this!!!   Horrible wind and rain!!  But we were in for a suprise..called some people we had met earlier in our travels that lived nearby to see if they were home and ended up staying in their beautifully renovated cottage for the next two nights - out of the wind and rain..Thanks Paul and Meryl you were lifesavers!!
We were taken for a drive to check out the local area and found this tree.

Most people think it grew this way due to the wind, but Paul assures us it is its natural way.  But with the winds over here I would have believed anything was possible!!!
He also took us for a drive to his local beach. Complete with the lady who oversees it.

Its Lucy's Beach and the locals keep her in the latest fashions apparently.
The views at the beach are not bad though!

Then on the way home yet another unusual sign...

and it was correct.

Not sure if it is still in service, but couldn't imagine sitting there having a conversation while you went!
Then it was time to say goodbye and head inland as the forecast on the coast was miserable so we went in search of the famous WA wildflowers.

There were some here surrounding this old car....needs a buff!
And any wonder our colours are green and gold when you see this all over the countryside.

Wheat and Canola - very patriotic crops.
Even at our campsites, this was the view.

But we were told that you cant go without seeing the wreath flowers, which only grow in certain spots, so we journey'd out to one of these spots to find one.

Which we did!  Very unusual and quite pretty. and pretty popular.

There would have been about 20 cars here looking at them while we stopped, and its bizarre how they just grow on the bare sides of this road. And on both sides of the road, but only for a relatively short distance.  And either side of this area there are none!
But they were worth making the detour to see.

and a lot more pleasant than the usual reason you see them.

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