Wednesday, 21 September 2016


The next leg of our journey saw us heading again for South Australia but from a different direction than a few months ago.

Looks like we are in for an interesting trip - NOT

Can't say it's the most interesting of roads. And even here we can't escape the dreaded roadworks.

But the signs are pretty cool.

Just hope they are not representative of size - would hate to run into a wombat as big as a camel!!
And it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. There are lots of interesting things to stop and see along the trail....
Had never even heard of the Nullabor Blowholes.

There are several and we stopped at the Caiguna Blowhole to see what it was all about.  The holes are through to the ocean and you can really feel the breeze and smell the ocean when you are above them.

We stopped for lunch where there was a table to sit at and prepare some food and we were overlooking the saddest little playground I have ever seen.

All overgrown and falling to bits. Guess it was fun once!

Our last camp in WA was at a place called Jillah Rockhole.  Another of the free camps that is at the base of a monolith.  This one had a 'Heart of Stone'

Haha Guess someone was feeling creative and it made a nice statement on the top of the rock.
This one was another rock water catchment area.

And interestingly enough it had a museum of sorts......

At least someone thought so and labeled the loo!!
It was nearly time to say goodbye to WA, but not before a great last campfire...

Then it was goodbye WA and hello again to SA

Our first camp in SA was at a place called Penong.  Here they had a windmill museum with the Biggest Windmill.

There were heaps of different ones - even a portable windmill.

While we were here we took a run down to Sinclair Point.  A quiet little spot with an interesting history, and some amusing signs.

This was at the start of the causeway leading to the beach. With another Pink lake on the side.

 Again we found ourselves the only ones there and the information boards that told the history and showed old photos of the place were so interesting.
The only locals we saw were not very interested in our company.

Then we headed round to Cactus beach for a little beachcombing.

All along this part of the coast there were little side trips to check out 

And so worth the effort.

The coast is really spectacular.

but not peaceful

And looking to the East......where we are heading
Looks a long long way...........


  1. Hi Dave and Berryl, have enjoyed your comments and loved the photos of this amazing trip. We are not sure of your time frame to arrive home.Carol and I are heading south on Thursday the 13th Oct until Mid Nov so we will catch up then.
    Cheers Russ and Carol.

  2. Great picture that shagger :)