Friday, 28 October 2016


As the weather was terrible and we had spent some time already in South Australia on the way North, we decided to take a quick trip across the state, but still enjoyed the very Australian crop colours.

We had the route all planned, but Mother Nature made a change to that and we had to detour around flooded areas.

But for all that, it did cause us to travel along some very scenic roads.

and as we neared the coast, the fog started rolling in.

Of course the rain didn't stop us exploring, and finding all sorts of interesting plants.

and yet more signs!  If you believed that all these things were possible if you ventured on, you would never do anything exciting!!

We did venture on to discover this beautiful sight.

and because of all the rain the rivers were flowing well.

and we were surrounded with nothing but green.

and came across the odd unusual tree.  It just needed two eyes and a mouth - voila Jimmy Durante!

We have driven the Great Ocean Road before but not in the rain.

We spent a few days in Airey's inlet having a wonderful break thanks to some friends and the sun came out.

We went exploring as usual and found these unusual carved trees.

and a nest complete with swan mother, father and babies.

But soon we have to go and see what adventures lie beyond.

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