Monday, 4 April 2016

3. Back O' Bourke

We have officially arrived in the Outback!  After a couple of days travel and a nice camp on the banks of the Barwon River at Collarenabri we had a pretty good run into Bourke.
On the way we saw masses of slo Kangaroos (slo - read Dead)  also a slo echidna and a couple of slo wild pigs - they were huge!!! I would not have liked to come across them in their more animated form!!!  The Kangaroo and Emu population is flourishing out here.
This mother and her 6 growing kids kept pace with us for quite a while - but they have to be the stupidest creatures on the planet, they will run alongside for ages then duck straight in front of you!!  No we haven't hit any as yet!

At last we finally saw what we had come all this way for - The Darling River!
Not the best colour as I had done something to my camera with the colours and didn't realise for a day or so - pretty typical of me!!  I also found this on my way down to the river-
A tumbling tumbleweed - I couldnt get over how compact and round they are.  But l am interested in strage things!   After checking into a caravan park we went to visit the Port of Bourke.
We went down to the wharf and then noticed that there were several different levels of it.  It really makes you aware of how the river changes when they have to have so many docks.

 As  you can see the river was pretty low and they would have had to use the lowest level.
We left Bourke to take the path of the Darling down to the Murray- can't actually travel alongside but as close to as we can , along the dirt roads-

Dave decided to pay me back on the photo front and catch me feeding my face as we stopped for lunch.
As we travel along some of the stations have pretty novel signs - I managed to see this one up ahead and we slowed down for a shot.
On this particulary warm and dry day we found we just had to take a break at the Louth Pub 

and then down the road......well the Tilpa Pub is one of those iconic places in the outback

 - with corrugated iron walls and graffiti all over them 

, SO we had to go and have a couple of cold ones in there as well!!
We often find really good spots to camp with no one else around and this was one - right on the banks of the Darling - just a pity its so low!!
But with the lack of water we found something strange - something that might have been hidden away for some time - an enigma that could have people flocking to the Darling instead of Loch Ness............
Look closer.....................................
This requires further investigation so ----stay tuned!!!

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