Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Decided that we wanted to spend some more time exploring the Flinders Ranges so we booked into a station stay.  Quite an impressive roadside sign greeted us at the entrance to the property.
They must have an affinity with the wedge tailed eagle as this sculpture was just outside near our campsite
Most of the places that we stay have a camp kitchen, mainly to cater for tent people and people like us without full kitchen facilities.  We carry everything we need but a good camp kitchen is quite welcome now and again, especially if it is very hot or there are lots of flies outside! This was a pretty good one. Not only all the usual stuff inside but there were tables outside as well as bbq and fire pit.
We went for a few tours round the ranges from there, through the gorges and checked out Wilpena Pound. Discovered another interesting ruin along the way
I am falling in love with the floors in these ruins.  All the slate here was of course used to construct these buildings and the old slate floors have really stood the test of time. They still look really good today. I would love to have a house with floors like these!
The wildlife was a bit thin on the ground through the ranges, probably because it was pretty warm, and they have lots of places to hide, but I did manage to just get a quick picture of this little black faced wallaby.
Just near our Station camp was a hill called Stokes Lookout. We went up there to watch the sunset one night and found ourselves among several others with the same can see why.
and as it got later, the view got even better
and later...
and i will sign off this episode with the dyeing embers..................

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