Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Hi again! Here we are at Wentworth on the Murray.  Its lovely to be relaxing on grassy banks after the dust of the outback and we've found some great walking trails.
and back at camp we always have the locals dropping by for a feed!!
soon enough though it was time to get going, and again leave new friends.  One of the best things we enjoy about our travells are the people we meet.  This trip has been the same and we have shared some great times with some wonderful people who we will hopefully see again.  Not that we socialise every night but sometimes you just have to have the odd social glass of wine - you know how it goes!

Not everything runs smoothly though and we did have to detour through Mildura to get some running repairs on the truck.  Dave nothiced some suspension issues which resulted in new airbags and bushes, and thanks go to Rob at Mildura 4WD for getting the job done straight away!!
As we travelled from Mildura to the SA border we crossed a few bridges but this one on the Murray was pretty interesting
Finally made the SA border and decided that our first camp in that state would be Lake Bonney.  It was a free camp and right on the edge of the lake. The day had been pretty warm so after we set up camp we decided to have a swim....... BRrrrrrrr!  It was VERY refreshing!  Later that day Dave noticed literally hundreds of birds decending on the lake!
We ended up staying here for 3 nights, The second day was cold and bleak though and drizzled most of the day so we set up the choofer, and using a peice of steel mesh we found earlier we were cooking up a storm!
Admittedly doesn't look that tasty like this but look under the lid!!!!
Mmmmmmmm  Moroccan Meatballs!!   and the next day I had a go at a Date Loaf  drizzled with Maple Syrup...Unfortunately Dave couldn't wait till I took a photo!!

On the banks of Lake Bonney are the ruins of an old Pub.  It was a popular place in its day but there is not much left now and its a shame that so many people just have to leave their mark behind!!
this was the store and bakehouse I believe and the pub was nearer the road.
Think I could be waiting a long time for service here!!
But all things must come to an end and it was soon time to say goodbye to our campsite at Lake Bonney
and head for the greener pastures of wine country.  We try to travel on the leser used roads and steer away from the highways and so come across things like the Cadell Ferry to transport us across the Murray.  Here we are waiting!
An interesting way to cross - it was a cable ferry!
and so the road goes on...
We called in to a town called Morgan and checked out the old jetty and railway line...the history in these places is amazing and we are learning so much that we never knew!!!!
There were some lovely boats -this one in particular took our fancy.
Then I went in to have a look at the local craft store and book shop..... not sure where Dave disappeared to but guess he will be hanging out somewhere nearby.

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