Friday, 8 April 2016

4. And On To The Murray

And so our journey continues alongside the Darling River.  We are travelling along dirt roads and there have been some strange things.  Yesterday we could see something up ahead - it was a willy willy!  Getting bigger as we got nearer. We passed right alongside of it and at that stage it would have been about a 20' diameter and you could see the sand and leaves spinning round and round in the air. There was not a breath of wind, so that made it even more eerie!!

The nights are begining to get colder and we really appreciatethe 'choofer' for the warmth!
which means there is still work to be done.  Sometimes we wonder if we should have brought the chainsaw with us!!!
Some of the campsites provide showers and they can be pretty good, and pretty cheap for the time.
I decided to have a wander after we set up at this camp and found that we were camped on the edge of a golf course!
Very strange looking golf course, but right beside it was a rustic seat and even a ball washer!!! And in the distance -------
There's the green!!  You just have to navigate all the dust and sand in between!  Needless to say we didn't see many golfers!!
Meanwhile back at our rustic bush camp -
Dinner is served!  Barramundi even!!  Straight from the -----------freezer!!   
After a great dinner and a few Red's it was time to sit back and watch the show.
Who needs television??

We set off again from Pooncarrie, but not till after the Magpie that thad befriended us stole my weetbix!   Heading ever onwards to the Murray but seeing more strange things on the way..
In the middle of nowhere - a BRA tree???
And of course you you have to follow that up with a SHOE Tree??   
But finally we were back on the bitumen.

Eventually we thought we must be getting closer - There was more water in the river!
And paddleboats are synonymous with the Murray! 
Look!! - there, through the trees ----
Looks very much like another river over there!
Yep here we are at last - the two greatest rivers in Australia come together. 
I'll grant you, not the most riveting photo ever but the historical journeys and the significance in the history of the country have been great to cover as we have travelled to this spot.

We might just have to suffer for a while at this terrible camp spot, recharge our batteries and get ready for the next leg of the journey...........what next??

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