Saturday, 16 April 2016


As we are going to be land locked for the next month or so, we decided to take a last look at the water and took a little detour to Pt Germain.
A very dry and dusty little seaside town with a huge claim to fame.  (we will come to that later) But when we got there we saw this strange contraption - a clock???
I was still puzzling over it when Dave suggested it could be a Tide Clock - ?? How doeshe know this stuff???  He was quite correct.  A bit further on we found some information regarding the history of this one.
Then as we usually do if we see a jetty, we have to go for a walk along it.  Good -here's a jetty!!
It is a long jetty.
This is becoming a strange and interesting place.... I always thought the boat should be in the water - not the trailer and the weird looking tractor pulling it.

This one was so far from the shore!  But you can see that it was still pretty shallow!  Just hope they get back to it before the tide comes in.......meanwhile back on the jetty!!
We can finally see the end!!!   The claim to fame is that it is the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere!!!!  I don't doubt it!  It was a bloody long walk!!!!

If we ever make it back!!!!!!!!

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